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Contact Us If You Fancy Trying Us Out For 4 weeks For £59

What We Do

✅Tracking your goals every week
✅change and adapt exercises for injuries or ability
✅Unlimited sessions we give you a booking system where you book your own sessions, no being stuck to certain times
✅Help you with your diet, with a lifestyle, learn how to eat the foods you love ice cream, pizza or even a tipple and still get to your goal
✅We keep you accountable by texting you if we don't see you in a while no copy and pasted emails
✅and we do all this in a nonjudgmental environment where people make friends easily

We offer 53 half-hour sessions every week, so there's no reason why most can't fit in 3-5 in a busy week. Each session is 30 mins and our times are 6.15am, 7am, 8.45am, 9.30am then 4.15pm, 5pm, 5.45pm, 6.25pm, 7.05pm and 7.45pm. Spaces do go quickly as people know, so if you are interested please Press learn more and fill out the form with your mobile number and the best time to call, Thank you.

Watch The Video Below For More Infomation About What We Do, And Why There Is No Need To Worry When Starting Our 4 week Challenge

FaQ and how to come and try us out for 28 days!


  • Question 1. Will I Be Fit Enough? There is no need to worry, you go at your own pace, most of our members have never been to a gym before.
  • Question 2. Will you adapt the exercises? yes we have a few members with injuries and we can work around most things.
  • Question 3. How long are the sessions? each session is 30 minutes long.
  • Question 4. How much is it to join? To join (westleedsfitterbodies) we always let you do a trial or one of our challenges for a month which is £57, this includes unlimited sessions, goal evaluation, diet guidance and to be trained by our personal trainers, so when you look at our prices, don't compare it to joining a gym, as a gym is giving you access to equipment you need to compare us to personal trainers that get you results.

You can try us out for 28 days for £59, watch the video below and come and join us.

We normally only do 3 challenges a year, but if you would like to give us try at any other time please fill in the contact form below the video. The difference between a challenge and trial is that a challenge you start with other new people, all at the same time and we give prizes out at the end. On a trial its exactly the same level of service, but you will be coming along maybe on your own or with a small number of other ladies to work alongside our amazing bunch of members. We also don't give out prizes for individual trials.


send us a message below if you fancy giving it a go


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West Leeds Fitter bodies Support Team

Westfield House, Broad Ln, Bramley, Bramley Leeds LS13 3HA

07412 784015


Session times (Monday-Friday) 6.15am, 7am, 9.30am, 1700, 1745, 1825, 1905, 2045, (Saturday) 9am, 945am, Sunday closed.