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Meet Your Fitness Team...

At West Leeds Fitter bodies every specialist has been selected due to their passion and knowledge within the respected fields. Our specialists are experts in Fitness, nutrition, sports injury and functional movement offering personally tailored consultations and talks to help you improve and challenge yourself to obtain positive outcomes, also We are incredibly friendly and motivated to getting you to where you want to be in life...



    Hello my name is Louise, and one of the trainers here at West Leeds Fitter Bodies. This is my story. I'd always struggled with my weight from my late teens, my Mum always said I was 'big boned' at my heaviest I was 13 and a half stone and fitting snuggly into a size 16. I spent my teens, 20's and 30's yoyoing up and down. Aged 39 my friend asked me to join a new gym that was opening locally, I couldn't think of anything worse, I didn't even own a pair of trainers! But under sufferance, I purchased the biggest, baggiest gym clothes I could find and off I went. I'd never stepped foot in a gym before, totally didn't have a clue but I gave it a go. I started off just doing classes, I made friends and found myself quite enjoying my time there. I stuck it out and in the first year I'd gone from a tight 14 to a size 10. I still didn't have the confidence to venture onto the actual gym floor, but this is where Rich comes in. He persuaded me to give personal training a go and see the difference what using weights would do to my body. I was hooked, the difference weight training made was astounding, he showed me how to train, what I should be training and how to get the best results. So obviously I had to marry him. I made working out part of my life and have never looked back. Fast forward a few years and Rich opened WLFB, I was working as a support worker with vulnerable adults/mental health issues, but I went in every day to train and help out behind the scenes. When it was becoming obvious he needed more help, it made perfect sense that I should retrain and work along side him to do what we love. So that's what I did, and I love every minute of it. I'm 48 now and look better than I ever have. I used to hide behind baggy jumpers, would never show my arms, now I never cover my arms! All 3 of us have a passion for training, we practice what we preach, we believe it's important to know how to train yourself so you know how to train others, no one wants a trainer who looks like they need a trainer themselves! A lot of ladies think they're too old to change, you're never too old and I am proof of that. As women we always put our needs after everyone else's, but our sessions are 30 minutes long, it's doable, you can make a difference without it impacting on your families lives. So if any of this resonates with you, you know what to do, I promise you won't regret it.


      Hey guys I’m Leah, the Personal Trainer here at West Leeds Fitter Bodies, let me tell you a bit about myself... I’ve been in the fitness industry for around 4 years now. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and have trained many clients over the years 1-1, and still do to this day. I am very passionate about fitness and ensuring people have as much fun as possible on their fitness journey. I am a VERY talkative person, and I like to think I put people at ease, making sure they feel comfortable with whatever they are doing. I will make sure you get the best workout possible, pushing you to your limits, and alongside Richard and Louise, we will test your strength in areas you may not even believe you are strong, and guaranteed, you will leave feeling amazing after a fun and challenging session!


      Hi guys, I’m Gracjan. I always enjoyed fitness related stuff growing up but I never knew how to structure it around my life. I tried all kinds of sports and activities but never seemed to stick to one. However as soon as I found the gym I felt right at home. As soon as I saw how much working out helped me physically and mentally, all I wanted to do is help people do the same. I managed to turn my life around in a complete 180, changing my university course from history to sport and exercise therapy as well as getting PT qualified which I have been for 3 years now. I have experience with 1-1 training as well as group classes, I have worked with athletes from all sorts of backgrounds like rugby and football but I worked with regular gym goers all the way throughout my PT career. I trained people for performance, weight loss and muscle gain and would like to think that I’ve got all the bases of PT knowledge covered. I cant wait to get to know you guys so we can better ourselves at every step of the way!