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West Leeds Fitter bodies Reviews

At West Leeds Fitter bodies we want to help you help others.

Lorraine Fearnley
This gym is the best I’ve ever been to. My body shape has totally changed. The atmosphere and staff are fab, they always make you feel welcome and encourage you to do your best. The great thing is it’s 1/2 a hour intense training and you feel great when you walk out. Definitely recommend this boot camp. X
Joanne Warner
This is such a warm friendly place to work out. Not only is it safe and hygienic it is kitted out great. The staff are encouraging and cater for individual needs if needed. I have loved my two year journey with bootcamp and this is my social outing working out with loads of friends I have made along the way. It’s great to workout and have a good laugh too!
Angela Shand
Great place to train, super friendly, cannot recommend enough.
Nicki Dawson
Fabulous place, fabulous trainers.So friendly. The motivation is absolutely brilliant. You feel part of a team, nobody judges you and everyone wants the best for you.
Tina Kinnar
Brilliant place! Really friendly, helpful, and motivational.The sessions are challenging and varied, you work at your own pace and no one else judges you as they are too busy doing their best. The team are very knowledgeable and happy to provide alternative exercises if you have any restrictions or injuries.
Harriet Smith
I have been with the above company just over 3 years and cannot recommend them enough, always there with support in class, will always adapt exercise if you have any injury and always there outside of class if you require support, fabulous place and not intimidating always feel welcomed, a great chilled out place to workout.
Faye Jones
I absolutely love the variety of Bootcamp the trainers are amazing and actually make working out fun! The people that attend the classes are very friendly. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
Jill Martin(O'Sullivan)
I've been a member for over 3 years. I have to say I absolutely love it. Superb trainers, equipment great. I have met some lovely people. Everyone is so friendly. 30 minute sessions that are tailored to all different areas to help change your body shape. Come out at the end buzzing with energy. Would definitely recommend it.
Louise Sykes
I’ve been a member here for over 3 years now and it’s by far the best gym I’ve ever been part of. The trainers are amazing, other members are friendly and encouraging. If you are serious about wanting lasting fitness results this is the place to go. Totally recommend.
Stephanie Pogson
op training, iv never felt so good in myself. Very friendly and a great atmosphere to train in. If you want to achieve your goals, this is deffo the place to be.
Bethany Taylor
Amazing people and amazing place, such a good vibe and atmosphere at every session. I’ve been going to boot camp for almost 2 years and it’s honestly the only fitness I’ve ever actually stuck to - Can’t recommend enough.
Zeljka Petrc
Very friendly atmosphere and the team is so supportive. Although it's difficult for me to maintain continuity I've managed to be quite regular thanks to the team. There are variety of exercises and I love to see how my body has changed during last few months. Thank you.
Claire Hutchinson
Despite various attempts I’ve always made excuses not to work out. This is the only place I’ve felt motivated to keep going, the people are so supportive and welcoming. I’d definitely recommend anyone to give it a go.
Martine Wallis
Love Booty Fab place to train very safe and a friendly atmosphere.
Caroline Burton
The best gym around, if you want results then this is the place to be!! Plus, all the trainers give 110% and really push you to be the best you can be, a great environment and it never ever gets boring.
Sarah Elizabeth
Highly recommend this place if you want to get fit, lose weight and have a laugh in a friendly environment. This place is not like other gyms, there’s no pressure, no fear of walking into the gym or class, nobody looking at you! Women of all different sizes sharing the same goal. Richard, Louise and Leah are really great trainers. They are highly knowledgeable, supportive and know how to have a laugh! When you need a beasting of a session, they will deliver it! Last year I left to try another gym.. big mistake! As soon as a space opened up I came running back! The sessions are fun and quick! What more do you want . Give it a try you won’t regret it.
Sophie Speed
Fun, supportive and intense for half an hour only! You definitely see results within a couple of weeks and are made to feel welcome, no matter what size or level of fitness you are. Highly recommend.
Sarah Hart
What a great place to train at. never had much motivation before but this place is great. Louise, Richard and Leah are all so lovely and welcoming and put you at ease. Love being a member of this place.
Claire Grant
Absolutely amazing place to work out louise, leah and Richard are amazing always on had to give you advice support etc. I never thought I would fall in love with working out but thanks to these guys and the members I really have. If you are ever thinking of trying a bootcamp then this is place to go.
Lisa Can
I love this place! I started on a 4 week trial to begin and instantly felt motivated and welcome.I love the variation of workouts and also seeing the all over improvement in my strength and fitness.Great for my mental health too I have a super high after every session I never regret a workout.Thanks for your support Louise and Leah.
Alice Swainston
I have never enjoyed exercising or found it enjoyable however, I absolutely love it now! Everyone is so supportive and friendly!2Louise Masella and 1 other.
Laura Carter
I’m a returning member having lost 4 atone first time round. I took a break and found normal gyms just don’t work for me. I absolutely love this place and can’t recommend them enough. Not only has it been essential for my mental health but I’ve met some lovely folk along the way. A safe place for all. 5 stars from me.
Vicky Eggett
Been a member now for around 18 months minus a little break in between. Absolutely love it, everyone is so lovely. I’ve never been to a gym like it, we all help and push each other and have such a laugh every session. Louise & Richard are brilliant always there with plenty of help and advice and of course the lovely Leah. Would definitely recommend it to anyone it not only helps with your body physically but mentally leaves you feeling great x.
Katie Barker
I’ve joined plenty of gyms over the years but this is completely different. I’ve actually seen results I’ve never seen before. Whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, it definitely works either way. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. Such a great atmosphere. I absolutely love going and will cater to your individual needs. I would recommend for anyone to give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.
Nikki Dowd
Such an amazing place to be! Louise, Leah and Rich are all so supportive and help you achieve results and push you to your full potential! The members are also so supportive, especially when you’re not feeling up to it and lost all motivation in yourself. I would much rather be here than any gym! There’s no intimidation or embarrassment! I love it! I would recommend! 11/10!
Victoria Hart(Robson)
A friendly, supportive group of people all striving to improve their mind, body and souls. The Team are AMAZING, and you can't help but look forward to seeing them, to doing the workouts, and seeing the results from your commitment.
Faye Oakey
The best bunch of people to give you a kick up the backside always fun, quick and plenty of variety in the sessions.
Amy Milner
Supportive, friendly and most importantly it works!!!
Victoria Avison
Fabulous place with amazing people Richard, Louise and Leah are supportive and encouraging. Pushing you to do your best and get the results you want. The members are lovely, welcoming and great fun. I joined with my husband and brother in law and they achieved amazing results. Everyone’s journey is different but it’s definitely changed my life for the better and I’m thankful to everyone at West Leeds Fitter Bodies.
Sarah Cordingley
I started here on a trial & after my first session i knew i wanted to stay! Everyone is so friendly & unlike normal gyms it’s fast & fun! I’d never ever go to another gym on my own but here has a different vibe & it’s really enjoyable.